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If it's not Food, Don't Eat it!

If you want to feel better, eliminating low-quality, chemical-laden processed foods can yield quick results. These widely consumed foods lead to poor nutrition and can be the cause of many chronic symptoms and diseases. Below are five guidelines that can keep your diet on track, and will lead to improved health:

1. If it’s not food, don’t eat it!

The definition of “food” is that it is nourishing to the body. Consequently, anything that is not nourishing to the body (i.e. fake foods containing refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, chemical additives, etc.) is not actually food. If it is not food, then do not eat it!

2. Eliminate or relegate stimulants to rare occasions.

Stimulants or extreme foods cause your body’s chemistry to go out of balance; thereby, creating a variety of symptoms including fatigue, brain fog and weight gain. These stimulants include: sugars and other refined carbohydrates (i.e. high fructose corn syrup, white refined flour, etc.), refined salt, caffeine, and alcohol. By decreasing the amount of these stimulants you consume, you will have improved health and energy.

3. Eat an abundance of whole, fresh, natural foods.

You can recognize processed foods, which can be identified as anything that comes in a box, can or package (with the exception of some unprocessed brown rice or legumes, for example). Whole, fresh, natural foods (preferably organic) such as produce, meats, fish, poultry, whole grains, legumes and seeds are the best foods. When you do consume processed foods, natural-brand foods that don’t contain toxic chemical additives are your best choice.

4. Account for food allergies & sensitivities when making food choices.

The most common food allergens (i.e. wheat, dairy, soy, corn, etc.) are notorious for causing acid reflux and other digestive problems, constipation, sinusitis, depression, arthritis and more. Most people today are allergic or sensitive to one or more of these foods—and many people do not even realize it! By following a basic elimination diet you can identify the foods that may be affecting you.

5. Account for ailments when making wise food choices.

Any condition in the body can be improved by improving your diet. Learn which foods exacerbate or help improve specific conditions in your body, so that you can give your body every opportunity to heal. When applied consistently over time, these five Eating-for-Health Guidelines produce “amazing” results. It’s amazing what the body can do when fueled properly—energy is restored, excess weight is dropped, body systems are regenerated, disease is reversed, and nagging symptoms disappear.

Where should you begin? Start with the basics: if it’s not food, do not eat it!

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