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The chiropractors at Wake Forest’s Vitality Chiropractic & Family Wellness knows that the health of a child is a parent’s number one priority. Regular spinal checks are a necessary part of effective care in a child’s health program. Chiropractic care is very safe and extremely effective in children. The adjustment procedure for a child is different than for an adult. The adjustment of a child requires much less pressure and is very safe and gentle.

Birth and Subluxation

A child’s first subluxation may occur at birth. The labor and delivery process is traumatic to the newborn’s spine. Birth processes such as cesarean sections, the use of forceps, pulling the baby’s head, and vacuums put an unnatural traction on the infant’s delicate spine. Throughout the birth process the tiny spine is twisted and stretched and commonly results in subluxations. It’s imperative to have your child’s spine checked after birth.

A Child’s Development

As children begin to crawl and walk the spinal column begins to develop secondary curves. Kids will be kids and will jump, tumble, and fall. All of these steps of normal development cause undue stressors to a child’s spine and creates further subluxations that may need an adjustment. Just as in adults, subluxations cause the nerve flow to be interrupted. The message to or from the brain may be distorted. Such interference influences the body and its ability to optimally function. A child’s body will often provide visible signs that something is not functioning properly. Symptoms such as fever stomach aches, sore throat, bed wetting, poor posture, hyperactivity, and frequent ear infections, colds or flu may be evidence of subluxations. These types of symptoms are warning signals of the underlying problem. Make sure you have your child’s spine checked for underlying subluxations.

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