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We all have a journey

We all have a journey. In some ways our journeys are similar and in some ways completely different! In every journey there are times personal development is critical for our mental and physical well being. We all have the capacity to learn and grow so we can learn from our mistakes and become a better version of ourselves. Personal development can come in many different ways but in all ways there are some key components that I am seeing when I researched it. This article does a good job of breaking it down

 elevation brainHere is the short version but I highly encourage you to read it:

  1. Read about what you want to improve.
  2.  Find a mentor.
  3.  Reflect at the end of each day.
  4.  Create a strong practice regimen.
  5.  Find others to push you and train with.
  6. Create a reward/punishment system.
  7. Stay honest with yourself.
  8. Find role models you can look up to.
  9. Measure your progress.
  10. Consistency is the key.

The beauty is we can apply these actions to any aspect of our lives that we need to see some change and growth.

Wellness is just like this! Developing in knowledge about how to best nurture our bodies and mind is critical to overall wellness.

Vitality Wellness Academy is a result of a long journey seeking wellness for the body and mind (and spine!) and we are thrilled to make this available to you starting this month! At Vitality we strive to offer a nurturing environment, where each patient receives not only chiropractic care but care well beyond that. We are excited for the opportunity to offer an array of topics to help you on your own journey to Personal Wellness.

Our first course is called Elevation Brain Program which applies to all of us in all walks of life! It’s so important to understand the importance of brain health, learn about the many reasons why it is important to check on your brain health and make lifestyle and nutritional changes to maintain brain health. Also understanding the importance of supplementation for any areas of weakness that are found is critical!

We also want to make it personal since we each have different needs so all students will fill out an assessment so we can be sure you get the most out of this amazing course. In usual Vitality style we want to zero in on your needs not just create a cookie cutter program.For all students they can also take the Repair & Clear course to rest your gut! We will talk more in depth about that later but rest assured your gut health is crazy important and you won’t want to miss that opportunity.

We also want you to follow us on social media to add to your Personal Wellness journey.

Thank you for allowing us to journey with you!