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Vitality Weight Loss

Vitality Weight Loss

Discover how our clients lose 20-50 pounds in 90 days!

Our scientifically demonstrated approach focuses on:

  • Targeted fat loss
  • Insulin resistance
  • Decreased hunger and cravings
  • Improved ENERGY!

Our plan is backed by science and extensive clinical studies. This diet has helped thousands overcome weight loss resistance and experience renewed freedom in their health and nutrition.

"People say I look great, and I feel great too. I’m down 53lbs and well on my way to my goal of 100! I started May 2nd and have taken the last month off enjoying vacation and other things without any weight gained back!

Our clients have had amazing results too and the plan is completely food based! It truly helps you reset your metabolism and learn what your body metabolizes and what it does not."

-Dr Sherri Riley

The Vitality Weight Loss Plan is different....

Metabolic healing is critical when losing weight for good. This 90 day plan resets your metabolism which is a complete game changer!

  • 90-Day Video Course
  • Digital Manual
  • 90 Days of Journal Pages
  • Grocery lists & Meal Planning Sheets
  • Recipes and Sample Menus
  • Product recommendations & links
  • Private Community Support
  • Bonus educational material

Maria’s Story of Healing from Sherri Raley on Vimeo.

Just look at some of the benefits!

Lose Body Fat

Lose Body Fat

Lose Body Fat

Hormone Balancing

Lose Body Fat

Metabolic Healing

Lose Body Fat

Decrease Visceral Fat

Lose Body Fat

Improved Cognitive Function

Lose Body Fat

Improved Insulin Sensitivity



You'll Have All the Support & Tools You Need

Brooke, our Holistic Nutritionist will be there to guide and support you throughout the program. That is what makes this program so special. Brooke brings 20 years of experience and compassion to walk along side you. She lost 36 pounds on this program so she understands.

This will change your life & will prepare you to keep the weight off for good.



Weight Loss and Better Health

This patient lost 32 pounds and for the first time in 15 years her blood pressure was normal!



Energize Your Metabolism & Life!

Learn what foods are holding you back and keeping you overweight. Changing your diet is easier than you think, we'll show you what no other plan does.

Check What Our Patients Are Saying

Weight Loss Testimonial

This diet has been an eye opener for me. I didn't realize how much sugar was in the food I was eating or how often I snacked. I've learned to appreciate food in a more natural state. I am down 38 pounds and I feel great!


Travis K
63 Days Into Vitality Weight Loss Plan

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