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Building Immune Systems for Kids!

Its that time of year again! Summer is long gone, kids go back to school and there is a certain jolly old elf that will be visiting soon. This is an important time to start planning on how you will boost your kids immune systems to help them stay healthy as they move into cold & flu season.

Luckily there are some things you can do at home to help get their bodies strong and ready to defeat those nasty viruses!

  1. Get regular wellness adjustments! The connection between alignment of the vertebrae and the body's ability to function properly is well documented! The nervous system modulates the immune system so overall wellness starts with chiropractic care. 
  2. Add probiotics to their daily routine (and yours for that matter!). Not all probiotics are created equal so make sure you choose one with a high level of live organisms AND free from all the junky ingredients. Sometimes manufacturers decide to add a ton of sugar in order to make it palatable for kids but you don’t need that! We have an amazing brand in the office for infants, kids and adults that fits the bill!
  3. Make some Elderberry syrup (we are having a class at our office on December 3rd. See info on that here!). It’s a lot easier than you think and when taken daily can help boost the immune system and even shorten colds! Here is a great recipe I have used before that my kids love. I bought organic elderberries on Amazon here but any reputable company would be fine! Use raw local honey if you can to sweeten it and make sure the mixture isn’t too hot when you add it to keep the amazing enzymes local raw honey has! Elderberry Syrup recipe
  4. Sweeten their lunchboxes with natural sugar! I know this can be a hard one but limiting white sugar and HFCS is super helpful to boost their little immune systems and for overall health too. Fresh fruit, unsweetened applesauce instead of ones with added sugar, homemade flavored yogurts instead of store bought (mix whole milk plain greek yogurt with raw honey cinnamon and fruit for a delicious and much healthier alternative!) are just a few options.
  5. Make hand washing FUN! Making sure kiddos wash their hands is the most simple way to help them combat exposure to sickness. Foaming soap or bars of soap in fun shapes might help them remember and enjoy washing up.
  6. Vitamin D3, Zinc & Omega 3’s all help our bodies and we have some great options in the office.
  7. Make that afternoon snack count! Apples are great for us and served with some almond butter (no added sugar) it’s a great combination to nourish their sweet bodies while staving off hunger until dinner.
  8. Dinner matters! Try to cook a home cooked meal for dinner full of nutrient dense foods. Busy schedules make it difficult sometimes so don’t stress too much about it! But if you can plan ahead, meals with autumn's bounty packs a great nutritional punch! Sweet potatoes and carrots are generally kid approved and are great for us. Pomegranates pack some serious antioxidant power and taste great with so many veggies. Try roasting brussel sprouts with bacon then sprinkle pomegranate seeds on it before serving. Making a whole chicken and using the bones to make delicious bone broth is smart on your pocketbook and immune system. Here is an awesome bone broth recipe from a local mama right here in Raleigh! Bone broth recipe! 

I hope these ideas help you get ahead of the seasons illnesses and know that whether you incorporate one or all of them, you are amazing! And as always we are walking this wellness journey with you.

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