At Vitality Chiropractic and Family Wellness, we understand the importance of supplementing the body and correcting deficiencies. Many ailments and diseases are due to deficiencies of important vitamins and minerals.

We provide a unique nutritional analysis that provides a general scan of what organ systems are not physiological functioning correctly. We may also utilize blood analysis through lab work to help determine any deficiencies. Once we’ve completed our assessment, Vitality Chiropractic and Family Wellness offers a comprehensive selection of effective supplements to contribute to our patients’ overall health.

Please contact us today for an appointment at 919-761-5158. If you live, work or play in North Carolina Triangle area communities such as Wake Forest, North Raleigh, Rolesville, Youngsville, Franklinton, Louisburg, North Durham, Oxford, Creedmoor and Henderson, Raleigh or Durham, Vitality Chiropractic and Family Wellness stands ready to be a valued partner in your quest for great health, with the help of proper supplements.


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Vitality Chiropractic and Family Wellness is unique in the sense that we have two female doctors on staff. Our primary focus is always on our patients.