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There are no bad kids

Whether a diagnosis comes or not, sometimes our children need some help managing behavior and parents need support. We help you develop a brain based lens vs a deficit/behavior lens. There is always a reason for behavior.  Our Vital Minds Program helps to demystify the brain and help you learn to be a brain based parent.

We get to the root of the developmental causes of the behavior.

Alphabet Soup Diagnosis

ADD, ADHD, Autism, FASD, RAD, OCD, ODD, Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma, PANS/Pandas, Spectrum Disorders. 

No one wants to put a label on a child but sometimes they can be helpful so you can know how to best support them. Vital Minds is built on 5 Pillars: Chiropractic, Brain Blossom Neuro deflective retraining, Polyvegal exercises, nutrition and parent support. Each pillar is as important as the next and Vital Minds will equip you and your child to retrain the brain and strengthen your relationship.

Chiropractic care is vital to balancing the nervous system.

Brain based exercises to fill in the gaps where learning should have taken place.

Neuro-Deflective retraining to create neuroplasticity within the learning brain.

Nutrition the building blocks for health and wellbeing.

Parent support because parenting is HARD especially with neuro-diverse children.

Thrive Not Just Survive

Thrive Not Just Survive

Vital Minds helps you understand the connection between stress and brain development. We want to equip you to thrive not just survive!

Learning Brain

Learning Brain

How do you help your child go from survival brain to a learning brain? Not only do we help your child, we help you with techniques!

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