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Doctors with a Heart Month

As doctors of chiropractic, your health is our number one priority. We care about the health of our patients as if they are our own families. That is why every patient is part of our Vitality family! We believe that every person deserves to live a healthy life full of vitality.

Definition of Vitality | Chiropractic Care Wake Forest, NCWe define vitality as, “A lively or energetic quality, a state of being strong, active and in great health.” We believe in this definition and have posted it on the wall in our office. In order to live a Vital life, we suggest that you make chiropractic wellness care a priority.

Chiropractic wellness care will help you prevent injuries, spinal decay and help maintain a healthy spine. We suggest having every child checked for spinal subluxations shortly after birth. Children should continue to be examined throughout their lives. Additionally, if you have not been checked by a chiropractor, now is the best time.

In order to help promote chiropractic wellness care, the Doctors at Vitality are doing Doctors with a Heart Month. The doctors of Vitality love their Vitality family, so throughout the “love month” of February they are offering a discounted examination with a complimentary adjustment. We want chiropractic care to be cost effective for every budget, so we have attached the coupon here for you to bring with you to your appointment. Please call the office and schedule your appointment for Doctors with a Heart Month.